UDMO Board

The governing board is responsible for fiscal and legal oversight. It is comprised of 16 members; composed of one third public officials, and at least one third client representatives and the remainder private sector representatives. Head Start requires at least one member has a background in early childhood, law and accounting. This structure provides for input from all sectors, allowing UDMO to create programming that best meets the needs of the citizens in the counties we serve.

The mission of UDMO is dedicated to helping build stronger communities by alleviating the effects of poverty on individuals and families. Services provided by UDMO include, but are not limited to Outreach, Health and Nutrition, Preschool Programs, Energy, Affordable Housing and Advocacy. UDMO coordinates service provision with other community-based organizations, local governments and communities to maximize the effectiveness of services offered.

Individuals who are interested in applying for membership on UDMO's Board of Directors should complete an application and send it by Email to jedwards@udmo.com or Fax To (712) 859-3892 Attn: Julie Edwards, Executive Director

UDMO Board of Directors

Sector 1- Dickinson, Emmet, Osceola
Tim Fairchild, Dickinson
Glenn Bohmer, Emmet
Lois Boersma, Osceola

Sector 2- Clay, O'Brien, Palo Alto
Ron Graettinger, Palo Alto
David Scott, Clay
Mariah Martinez, O'Brien

Sector 3- Buena Vista, Humboldt, Pocahontas
Dan Hartman, Buena Vista
Clarence Siepker, Pocahontas
Jennifer Hansen, Humboldt

Sector 4- Hamilton, Webster, Wright
Nick Carlson, Webster
Rick Rasmussen, Wright
Amy Ouphachack, Hamilton

Jerry Kloberdanz, Hamilton
Bruce Reimers, Humboldt
Jennifer Sammons, Buena Vista
Kodie Borchers, Clay