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Weatherization improves the energy efficiency of homes to help families and individuals with limited income save money on their utility bills. 

A Weatherization Energy Auditor will inspect:

  • Combustion appliances

  • Heating system

  • Chimney function

  • Water heater

  • Stove & oven

  • Insulation

  • Attic & basement air leaks

  • Low-cost energy measures

A Weatherization Plan will be developed & may include:

  • Furnace tune & clean or repair/replacement

  • Water heater repair/replacement

  • Attic, sidewall, crawl space & band joist insulation

  • Seal cracks & holes

  • Smoke & carbon monoxide detectors

  • LED light bulbs

What are the Benefits of Weatherization?

  • Both homeowners and renters can qualify

  • Conserves energy

  • Solves certain health and safety problems in the client's homes

  • Maintains affordable housing for low-income persons

  • Saves money on your utility bill

  • Reduces environmental pollution

What is Required for Program Eligibility?

  • When you apply for LIHEAP you are also applying for weatherization.  

  • Income guidelines, how much energy your home uses, and other factors.

  • You can also apply for this service without applying for utility assistance.

  • Must prove Legal U.S. status

Weatherization is offered in the following counties:

  • Buena Vista
  • Cerro Gordo
  • Clay
  • Dickinson
  • Emmet
  • Hancock
  • Hamilton
  • Humboldt
  • Kossuth
  • O'Brien
  • Osceola
  • Palo Alto
  • Pocahontas
  • Webster
  • Winnebago
  • Worth
  • Wright

How Do I Apply?

If you have applied for LIHEAP and are eligible, no further action needed.

If you have not applied for LIHEAP, you will need three groups of documents:

  • Proof of identity for everyone living in your home. 
    • Social security cards are best because they don't expire. If you applied the year before, we may still have this on file for you. 
    • Adults can also use an unexpired Iowa driver's license or a REAL ID (with a star symbol) from any State, or a current United States passport.
  • Your gas, electric and/or water utility bills. We will verify your account numbers with your vendor.
  • Proof of income for every adult living in your home. 

Contact the Outreach Office in the county where you live to schedule an appointment.